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Sweden’s first muesli

1978 was the year when brothers Leif and Rolf Abdon first tried muesli in Switzerland and loved it. The year after, they introduced Finax Sunt & Gott in Sweden. It was an instant success and is one of the most sold muesli-mixes in Sweden! Since then Finax has only expanded its product line with more and more tasty and healthy muesli-mixes – all were made with the motto of the Abdon brothers in mind: “We only produce food that we would like to serve to our children.”

Our history

During a trip to Switzerland at the end of the 1970s the Abdon brothers had muesli for breakfast at their hotel. They loved the mix of grain and decided to introduce this healthy breakfast-habit at home. Finax soon released the first Swedish muesli, and the original Sunt & Gott is still, to this day, one of the most sold muesli-mixes in Sweden.

Leif and Rold Abdon built one of the World’s first fully automated grain mills in Skåne. In the beginning they sold flour to industries and bakeries, but eventually even in regular food chains. That was in 1973. Today approximately 50 people are employed in Helsingborg.

To this day Finax is a family owned food supplier with muesli as the core product. Muesli is the heart of our production with a variety of mixes in our line. We still make flour, but also grain, bread mixers, gluten free products, jam, mash and inlays. The corporation has grown, but just like forty years ago, Finax still proudly Sunt & Gott.

The key to the success has been as simple as clear.

”We only produce food that we would like to serve our children.”

Finax offers healthy and tasty products. We have a long tradition within the production of food, and our products are synonymous with:


Our corporation is imprinted by care about people, quality and environment.

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