Make your favorite muesli!

Do you want to treat your muesli with a little extra? – only your imagination is the limit! Here you can find inspiration and great tips in how to make your own muesli even more delicious. Anna Borgskog from Château Forêt in Helsingborg has helped us out.

Get inspired with these tips and why not post a picture of your own muesli on Instagram with the hashtag #minegenmusli & #finaxmusli. Mix and match as much as you like!

Tips to Sunt & Gott Original

  1. Mix fresh and frozen strawberries with fresh basil. You could add some powdered sugar.
  2. Preserved uncooked berries with grinded cardamoms. Balance and taste with raw sugar. Enjoy with a smile.
  3. Roast cashew nuts together with black sesame seeds on middle to high temperature. Mix with the muesli and ice cold buttermilk. Enjoy the mix – hot or cold – up to you.
  4. Chop and pour cold water over dried apricots and raisins for 3-4 hours. Place it in the freezer over night and mix with muesli in the morning.


Tips to Russin & Nötter

  1. Mix pieces of apple with grinded cinnamon and fry it carefully, let it cool and then stir the muesli. Enjoy with cold natural yoghurt.
  2. Mix in fresh or dried blue berries and add chopped pistachios. As tasty as it is beautiful.
  3. Mix cocoa, powdered sugar, vanilla sugar, grained cinnamon and grained cardamom. Then mix with muesli and buttermilk. Enjoy all its warm aromas.


Tips to Branmüsli

  1. Pour honey over crushed walnuts and roast them golden brown in the oven (175 degrees celsius). Sinfully tasty!
  2. Mix some dried papayas, mangos and pineapple into the muesli and enjoy with natural yoghurt. Here you go – a fruity cocktail called ‘duga’!
  3. Fresh mint mixed with 4 dl granulated sugar. Let it dry on a baking paper and then pour it into a can. Mix 1 tbsp. minty sugar and add frozen strawberries. Enjoy!



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